How to Install

AC Window Guard









Window guards are designed to be a deterrent to accidental window falls. This product is not intended as a substitute for proper adult supervision. 

Failure to follow all of the manufacturer’s installation and safety instructions may reduce the effectiveness of the AC Window Guard and increase the risk of accidental window falls.

This window guard is intended to protect against potential falls by children age 10 and under.


AC Window Guards are not meant to protect children from intruders.


AC Window Guards shall only be installed by licensed professionals (tradesmen).





Installation of the AC Window Guard shall follow and comply with the requirements of all applicable local, state, federal and other authorities having jurisdiction in your area. Contact your local building department or fire department for specific codes that may apply in your area. 

  • Installer must use tamper resistant screws (provided). All screws must be anchored firmly into a solid stud or frame material for proper operation of guard.

  • Upon the installation of the window guard there should be no tampering or removal of the AC Window Guard.


Please read the Installations Instructions (provided) and product specifications to ensure AC Window Guard is properly installed.   



  • Window falls can happen in the blink of an eye. Always supervise children near open windows. 

  • Don’t place furniture near windows that children may climb.

  • Window screens are not strong enough to prevent falls.

  • Teach children not to play with, climb, or open windows.

  • Upon the removal of air conditioner units it is mandatory to install the L angle stops (provided) to prevent children from opening the window and climing into the

AC Window Guards.




Single/Double Hung Windows

Step #1: Open the window (prior to opening the window make sure children are not around).


Step #2: place AC Window Guard in the window opening and stretch open the guard until both end posts are inside the window rail.


Step #3: Drill holes for end post by lining up drill bit with center of pre-cut openings on the end post (five openings on each side of end post).

(See: Fig. 1)


Step #4: Fasten end post to window rails using the screws provided (five (5) screws on each side). Screws must be fasten into a solid stud or frame for guard to work properly. (See: Fig. 2)


Step #5: After end post are securely installed, test the AC Window Guard by pulling each end towards the center of window and towards you.


Step #6: Upon installation of the AC Window Guard, open and close the window to ensure that normal operation of the window is not restricted.


Step #7: Install your Air Conditioner (follow Air Conditioner manufacturer’s installation instructions).

Step #8: Once the installation of the Air Conditioner unit is completed, install the L angle/window stop (provided) on each side of the window to prevent anyone from opening the window. (See: Fig. 3)

Available AC Window Guard models:


Model #1

For window opening ranging from 20-30 inches (Extends a maximum of 30 inches)

Model #2

For window opening ranging from 30-40 inches (Extends a maximum of 40 inches)


Model #3

For window opening ranging from 40-50 inches (Extends a maximum of 50 inches)



Window size must be measure before purchasing one of the three available AC Window Guard models.


Manufacturer recommends that the AC Window Guard be installed by a licensed professional (tradesmen) only.